Saturday, 26 November 2016

How To Get Rid of A Hernia ?

When there is a weakness or hole in the walls of the muscles usually happens in the abdominal organ (the peritoneum) which causes hernia. The peritoneal defect allows the organs to push through or herniated which produces a bulge or balloon-like sac. Severe pain and other complications results, while the intestine or abdominal loop drives into the sac. Hernia is common for both the genders.

Though, there are different types of Hernia, the most common type is inguinal (abdominal) and groin (the area between the abdomen and the upper thigh) hernia. Other types are umbilical, incision, and femoral hernia.

Laparoscopic Hernia Procedure  

At present, no deep cuts are done. With the help of laparoscopic surgery minimally invasive procedure is handled. The surgeon does a cut the area of the hernia. The muscle tissue, bulging tissue or organ is in the back of the muscle wall are repaired and the skin in closed. A plastic mesh is used to repair the defect of muscle tissue in most inguinal hernia surgeries.

General difficulty in urination will be the core issue in this procedure, which is eased out by keeping a catheter in the bladder to drain the urine for some days. After the surgery, the wound is closed with clips or stitches which will be removed after a couple of weeks. 

Hernia is treated as an out- patient procedure, and on the same day the patient can go back to home. Prior to the operation, the abdomen should be kept empty. After a thorough analysis of the patient physical condition, some pre-operative tests and anesthesia type will be determined by the surgeons.

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Bariatric Surgery : A Quick and Painless Way to Manage Obesity

Bariatric Surgery is an operation that is performed in order to help  people who are obese  lose weight. Bariatric Surgery is an option for those people who have body mass index above 40.
Evidence suggests that bariatric surgery may lower death rates for patients with severe obesity,especially when coupled with healthy eating and lifestyle changes after surgery. The surgery makes the stomach smaller and curtail the food intake of the people,  reduces the food holding capacity of small intestine.

Objective  Of Bariatric Surgery:
The basic principle of Bariatric Surgery is to restrict food intake and decrease the absorption of food in the stomach and intestine.

Types of Bariatric Surgery:
There are various type of Bariatric Surgeries that can be performed. But today, most Bariatric Surgeries is laparoscopic because compared with open surgery,It requires less extensive cut, causes relatively minimal tissue damages and allows for earlier hospital discharge.
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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Weight Loss Surgery Can Help Control Diabetes

That bariatric surgery, or obesity surgery, leads to weight loss is well known, but researchers have now identified the mechanism why obesity surgery also leave positive effects on diabetes and heart diseases.

Health benefits from obesity surgery are not caused by a reduction in the stomach size but by increased levels of bile acids in the blood, said the study.

Bile acids could be a new target for treating obesity and diabetes, suggested the study.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery may be a treatment option for you if you have serious obesity-related issues, such as high blood pressure, because the risk of complications of the disease is high if you don't lose weight.

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery weight: Even though it takes time for the changes to be visible, you do lose a lot of weight as is obvious, but in order to maintain it you need to make changes in your lifestyle and follow a strict diet as well as an exercise routine.

Diabetes remission: Diabetes which is otherwise a disease with absolutely no cure, can be brought down by weight loss surgery. Thereby reducing complications like high blood pressure and kidney failures which are associated with diabetes.

Reduction in cholesterol levels: Weight loss surgery brings down your cholesterol level and a lot of people who are on medication to decrease their cholesterol level, discontinue their drugs after surgery due to the results.

Normalisation of hormones in women with PCOD: Weight loss surgery normalises the hormones in women with PCOD ie. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOD is a very common female endocrine disorder and causes a hormonal imbalance which causes heavy or irregular bleeding during periods.

Improved quality of living: It's not easy to feel good about yourself when you don't like what you see in the mirror. Weight loss surgery gives you a better quality of living because it makes you feel good about yourself thereby boosting your confidence. You can move about freely, indulge in sports and other activities as well.

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